Terms of Service

Application Klassroom

Version of August 1, 2017

These general conditions of use describe the conditions under which Klassroom SAS, 10 rue de Penthievre 75008 Paris, offers its Klassroom application.

They define your rights and obligations as a User of the services offered by Klassroom SAS. on its Application.

We invite you to read them carefully before using it.

1.         Definition

Subscription or Subscription  means the periodic contract to which the Commune , the Establishment, the Teacher, the Administration, the Parent or the student subscribed by class to benefit from the services proposed by Klassroom.

Subscription Klassroom Premium / Klassroom Mobile  means a Paid Subscription subscribed for a term of one (1) month renewable automatically until the end of the class, allowing to access Eder, during lasted e said Klassroom Subscription Premium to set of Paying Services described in Article 4.2 of these Terms of Use.


Subscription Klassroom Pro  means a Subscription paid for a period of one (1) month automatically renewable until the end of the contract with Klassroom, by the Municipality , the Institution, the Professor or the Administration wishing to assume the cost Premium Membership for all Parents / Students in their classes.


Administration  :  means the school that created an Account.


Application:  refers to the mobile and web application Klassroom published and supplied by Klassroom SAS. available for download on platforms such as the Apple Store or on the web at www.klassroom.com and on which services are offered.


Class  :  means the class created by the Teacher on the Application and whose identifier (Class Key) is passed on to the Parents or to the students or other Teachers or to the personnel of the authorized Administration.

Account : d denotes the account of the User, whether Parent, Student, Teacher or Administration, created under the conditions described in section 3.2 below and allowing the user to ' access é der to all of the features of the Application.


Content : means any content, such as message, comment, photo, image, video, text, sms, note or heart provided by a User on the Application. 


Commune : means a set of establishments . 


Terms of Use : these Terms and Conditions or any subsequent versions which are intended to define the terms of use of the Application by the User. 


Class End Date : is the end date of the class specified at the time the class was created by its owner .


El è:  means a student or student who has created an Account.


Establishment  :  refers to a set of classes


Message Scheduled : d denotes any message programmed de sign ed in the application, by symbols (such as delay, absence, medical treatment or appointment request) to inform the teacher or the administration of a related event the student . 


Parent  or Close:  means a parent or relative of a student who created an Account.


Teacher:  means the teacher of one or more classes that have created an Account.


Profile : d denotes the profile of any user, whether Parent, Student, Teacher, which consists of User IDs (Numé ro t elephone, username, and password for the web version) and the particular information related to his / her quality (name, first name and class of the child for the parent, classes managed for the teacher). 


Services : means the free and / or paying services made available to Parents or pupils with or without a subscription written in Article 4 of these General Conditions of Use. 


User : means any natural or legal person having downloaded the Application or using the application on the web, having access to the features and services offered by the Application and having accepted the Terms of Use using the Application and / or by creating an Account under the conditions provided for in Article 3.2 below . 

2.         Description of the Application

The Klassroom application is a mobile communication platform between parents / families of students and teachers, which allows:

              Teachers to simultaneously inform all parents of the same class, activities or information in the class by sending messages, photos, videos, events, places, audio messages and documents;

              parents to inform teachers of any events concerning their child (delay, absence, etc.) through the Programmed Messages or to exchange with them through the private chat;

              parents to exchange with each other through private chat.


3.         Using the Application


3.1. Acceptance of Terms of Use


The Terms of Use come into force on the date of their posting and apply as of the first use of the Application by the User. The User thus accepts, from this first use, to be subjected without reserve to the rights and obligations provided for in these Terms of Use.


The User declares to have the capacity to contract. Minor User guarantees have re ç u permission of their parents or the person having parental authority before using the application or open an account.


In the hypothesis esis o ù User act in the name and on behalf of the Administration, it guarantees ê be habilit ed and have re ç u the authority to create and use an account in the name of the Administration, being specified that in this case, the User must identify himself under the category Administration  " to create or join a Class.


It is the responsibility of the User who does not agree to the Terms of Use not to use the Application.


The Terms of Use are binding for the duration of use of the Application and until new general conditions of use replace them. The User may at any time waive the use of services available on the Application. In this case, he remains totally responsible for his previous use of the Application and in particular of the Contents which he could have published or transmitted via the Application.


3.2.                   Conditions of access to the Application: the creation of the User Account


In order to access the functionality of the Application, the User must first create an Account.

Step 1: User between his Numé t ro mobile elephone in the Application;

Step 2: User re ç oit an SMS verification code on the Numé ro t elephone informed;

Step 3: The User completes the validation code in the Application in order to activate his Account.

Step 4: The User informs his / her first name, surname, and email address.


If the User logs onto the web, a password is requested to secure his / her Account.

The creation of the Account implies unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use. Its use is personal, the User is therefore solely responsible for the actions that he carries out via his Account.

On the Web Application  : Access to the User Account is made by entering the password that was defined during the creation of the Account and which the User agrees to maintain the confidentiality .


On the Mobile Application: The access Bachelor is done lan ç ant Application on the TV phone.


The User guarantees to make available to Klas s room SAS. personal information that is accurate, truthful and genuine, including his or her name, surname, e - mail address and, if applicable, the child 's birth date and position (eg mathematics teacher, school, etc.).


The User guarantees its use Numé ro t elephone (personal or professional) because it is the Numé ro t elephone allowing Kla ssroom SAS. to identify each User. However, the number is not visible on the Application, nor even in the User Profile, nor communicated to other Users, for reasons of security and confidentiality.


The User Account and the functionality of the Application are accessible free of charge at any time, throughout the year provided the User has an Internet connection.


3.3.                   Using the Application: create and / or join a Class


Once an Account has been created, the User can create a Class or join a Class according to its quality  : Parent, Eve or Teacher or Administration.

              Create a Class


To create a Class in the Application, the User, whether Professor or Administration, must enter the name of the class (for example: Class 3 or CM1) by specifying its position (for example: main teacher).

The User sets the applicable functionalities for his Class and determines in particular if he wants to authorize:

              Some Users to publish Content in the class news feed ;

              Parents' comments on the publications of the Class

              private messages between Users of the same Class, or

              the private chat between him and the Parents.

By default, these features are enabled .

The User defines the identifier of the Class thus created (Class ID) which he will communicate to the Parents or to the pupils, the other professors or persons of the Administration authorized, so that they can join the Class on the Application.

Only the User who creates the Class may later modify the parameters of the Class.

              Joining a Class


To join a Class, the User must connect to his Account and define his position: Parent or Student or Teacher or Administration.

To join the Class as a Parent:

The User must fill in the Class ID of the Class previously transmitted by the Teacher, as well as the surname, first name, date of birth and relationship with the student of that class.


When the valid user's request, Professor re ç ilo notification (i) stating that such Parent ( "Mr or Mrs X, father / mother of Y")  wishes to join the class and (ii) asking it to authorize access to the Class.


Once accepted by the Professor, the User / Parent has access to the Class and to the notifications and Contents that concern it.

To join the Class as a teacher (other than the Professor who created the Class) or Administration  :

The User must inform  the Class ID   of the Class and its position as a professor or staff of the Administration.


When the valid user's request, Professor re ç ilo notification (i) stating that such teacher or member of the Administration wants to join the class and (ii) asking him to authorize the access Bachelor in Class .

Once accepted by the Professor, the User has access to the Class and to the notifications and Contents that concern him.


To join the Class as El Eve:

The User must inform  the Class ID   of the Class and his position of pupil .

When the valid user's request, Professor re ç ilo a notification that such student (name) wants to join the class and asking him to authorize the access Bachelor in Class.

Once accepted by the Professor, the User has access to the Class and to the notifications and Contents that concern him.

4.         Description of Services


Klassroom is a FREE service   with the possibility of adding paid options in the form of a subscription.


4.1.                   Free Services


              The access Bachelor in Klassroom via the web version as well as via the native mobile app (iPhone / Android) for teachers

              The access Bachelor dash (Klassboard available in November 2017) for managers of establishments or persons authorized in public

              The access Bachelor in Klassroom via the web version for parents and / or students


4.2.                   Paid Services: Klassroom Premium / Klassroom Mobile Subscription for Parents and Students


              The set of Free Services described in article 4.1 of these General Conditions of Use.

              The access Bachelor in Klassroom Mobile via native mobile app (iPhone / Android) for parents and / or students per class offering the following advantages:

_              More Comfort, immediate access and more convenient.

_              Family Access, only one Subscription per family.

_              The possibility for users to save the photos and videos in the class.

_              A direct access to the gallery and emptied bone of the class.


4.3.                   Services Charged: Klassroom Pro


Klassroom offers the possibility for a Town, Facility or even a Teacher to cover the cost of the Premium version for any class (s) at a preferential rate giving Premium access to all Parents / Students making use of their classes.


5.         Financial conditions and security of payments

5.1.                   Financial conditions Klassroom Premium

The Premium Subscription prices displayed by klassroom.com, Apple Store and Google Play Store are indicated in the currency of the country in which the Member downloads the application (VAT and other applicable taxes). Member acknowledges and agrees that the amount of the Premium Subscription will take into account either the cost of telecommunications for access to the services offered on Klassroom and included in its Premium subscription nor the other portfolio ts possible connection to the Internet, which shall in any case be borne by the Member in full.

Klassroom reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. In the event of a change in the price of the Premium Subscription Forms, this change will be effective as of the renewal of the Subscription of the Member, who will receive a message by email informing him / her of this modification seven (7) days before the renewal of Premium Subscription.

If Klassroom modifies prices for Premium Subscription formulas, these changes will be effective as soon as they are posted on Klassroom, Apple Store or Google Play.

5.2.                   Financial conditions Klassroom Pro

Pro Subscriptions are priced according to the number and size of the classes. The price defines a flat rate per unit. The total amount of each month will be defined on the first day of the month following this month in the following way: total number of pupils enrolled times the unit price per pupil defined in the Pro subscription contract. An invoice will be sent via email at the beginning of each month with details of the amount.

5.3.                   Security of Transactions

Premium subscription is paid via the Apple Store or Google Play directly from the device. Klassroom will never have access to the member's financial information. Klassroom is not responsible for transactions through the Apple Store and Google Play.

Payment of the price of the Pro subscription is made according to the terms of the contract between the Institution and Klassroom: bank transfer or bank card.

6.         Duration e Subscriptions - Renewal and termination

6.1.                   Subscription Subscriptions

To subscribe to the Premium subscription, if it was not supported by the Municipality or the Establishment, the Member will at the moment of accé der to a class via a mobile screen offering to subscribe . The screen explains the different benefits and the amount in the member's currency to be paid monthly. He may at any time refuse the offer and use the free web version.

Since the only mode of communication between Klassroom and the Member is the exchange of e-mails, the Member declares and warrants in this regard that the information transmitted by him to Klassroom is genuine and valid and that the e-mail address registration is perfectly valid and in working order. It is up to Klassroom to notify Klassroom of any changes to its e-mail address.

The subscription of a Premium Subscription may only be made for personal purposes, as declared and acknowledged by the Member.

Failure by the Member to comply with all or part of the obligations under these Terms of Service and Use, and in particular with respect to any incident of payment of the Subscription Price, may result in Klassroom's right to refuse to the Member any new Subscription of Subscription until the regularization of its situation.

Before subscribing to his Subscription, except in the context of a commercial transaction, the Member is invited to select the duration of the Subscription of his choice and then to confirm his Subscription by proceeding to his payment.Premably to the payment of his Subscription , the Member is invited to accept the terms of these General Conditions of Service and Use. It is understood that the General Conditions of Service and Use applicable are those in force on the day of the confirmation of its Subscription.

Once subscription has been paid and finalized by the Member on the Apple Store or Google Play, written confirmation will be sent by e-mail from the Apple Store or Google Play, summarizing the Subscription Form, price and terms use of subscribed services. The Member undertakes to retain the elements contained in the subscription confirmation e-mail, including the attachments of the latter.

6.2.                   Lasted e Subscriptions Premium

The Member subscribed for a period of one month minimum renewable until the End Date of the Class to which he decides to subscribe.

Subscription to a Premium Membership by the Member is made on the Apple Store or Google Play and the Member is invited to subscribe in accordance with the process referred to in Article 6.1 of these General Conditions of Service and Use.

Without prejudice to the provisions of article 6.3 below, any Premium Subscription is concluded for its firm duration and the sums paid in this respect are definitively vested to Klassroom, including in case of early termination of the Premium Subscription.

Whatever the duration of the Premium subscription, the Member is fully informed that his due, it will be automatically renewed for the same term unless terminated by the Member at least forty-eight (48) hours prior expiration of the current Premium Subscription deadline.

Thus, if he does not intend to renew or terminate his Subscription, the Member must log on to the Apple Store or Google Play and terminate it in his Subscription Management

6.3.                   Special provisions for the automatic renewal of Premium Subscriptions

The Member is informed that under the provisions of Article L.215-1 of the Consumer Code relating to the tacit (automatic) renewal of contracts:

"For service contracts concluded for a specified period with a tacit renewal clause, the service provider shall inform the consumer in writing, by personal letter or by e-mail, at the earliest three months and at the latest one month before the end of the period permitting the rejection of the extension, the possibility of not renewing the contract which it has concluded with a tacit renewal clause. This information, delivered in clear and comprehensible terms, mentions, in an apparent box, the deadline for non-renewal.

Where this information has not been sent to him in accordance with the first subparagraph, the consumer may terminate the contract free of charge at any time from the date of renewal.

The advances made after the last renewal date or, in the case of contracts of indefinite duration , after the date of conversion of the initial fixed-term contract shall in this case be reimbursed within 30 days of the date for cancellation, less the corresponding sums up to the performance of the contract. The provisions of this Article shall apply without prejudice to those which legally subject certain contracts to specific rules as regards information to the consumer ' .

7. Member's         right of withdrawal

Member acknowledges having re ç u all information on services offered on Klassroom and more precisely to different formulas of Premium subscription About ed on Klassroom, before you subscribe and the offer of these services is to meet the requirements in the provision of services provided remotely, in particular via the Internet.

In accordance with the provisions of Article L.221-18 of the Consumer Code, the Member has a right of withdrawal and may thus decide to withdraw from the Subscription without the need to rely on it and for a period of (14) calendar days from the confirmation of its Premium Subscription by Klassroom.

To do this, the Member must inform Klassroom its intention, at the latest in the de lai pr e cit ed fourteen (14) days, and indicating its withdrawal intention clearly and unambiguously including essential information for this by e-mail to bonjour@klassroom.fr

As soon as possible after receipt by Klassroom of the notification of the Member's intention to exercise its right of re- assignment, Klassroom shall acknowledge receipt by the Member by e-mail.

In the hypothesis esis o ù the member expresses his express wish to benefit from its subscription before the expiry of the dice lai pr e cit ed fourteen (14) days and then he decides, always in respect of the said withdrawal period , the Member will be debtor to Klassroom in an amount corresponding to the pro rata use of the Premium Subscription until the communication of his intention to retreat, excluding as necessary of the Free Services delivered by Klassroom.

Klassroom will then refund the Member an amount equal to the total amount paid when subscribing to its Premium Subscription, less the amount corresponding to the period of performance of the Subscription until notification of its decision to retract. The reimbursement will be made as soon as possible and no later than fourteen (14) days from the date on which Klassroom was informed of the Member's decision to withdraw.

The refund will be made using the same means of payment as that used by the Member for the subscription of his Premium Subscription, unless expressly requested by the Member for the use of another means of payment and provided that the reimbursement will not cause no fee for the Member or Klassroom.

8.         Suspension of Member Subscription and Deletion of Member's Account

Klassroom reserves the right to delete messages that are sent overwhelmingly by a Member in order to preserve the normal use quality of the service with other Members.

Klassroom may also suspend the visibility of members who would use the services fa ç is automated ed. A presumption of automated use of Klassroom exists as soon as the Member posts messages at a frequency that can not be resorted to by human or manual action.

The Member will be notified of the suspension of its visibility and may contact Klassroom to Remé dier this situation.

Klassroom is r e serve also the right to remove access to a Member who has subscribed to a subscription but who does not respect the Terms of Service and Use, particularly in terms of customs or practices on the site, and without any financial reimbursement from Klassroom.

In the event of non-payment by the Member of the Subscriber within the required period, Klassroom shall suspend as soon as possible any access to services for the Member.

The end of the subscription does not necessarily generate the deletion of the account since the Member has the possibility of remaining as Visitor Member, however the visiting Member will no longer be able to use the Services proposed by Klassroom. To permanently delete the account, the Member must log on to Klassroom, go to the "Contact us" section and then request a deletion of his account.


9.         Obligations of the User


9.1.                   General Obligation


The User agrees to use the Application in accordance with the terms of the Terms of Use.


The User undertakes in particular to:

              not interfere with the operation of the Application;

              maintain the confidentiality of its identifiers and password by not communicating them to anyone  ;

              not infringe the privacy and secrecy of correspondence by using the Application;

              do not modify, add or delete the Content made available by another User on the Application;

              reproduce, represent or communicate to the public any fa ç is whether the content available on the application, other than the tools available on the Application or outside the family circle;

              not extract, re-use, store, reproduce, represent or retain, directly or indirectly, on any medium, by any means, in any form whatsoever, all or part of the Application which constitutes a protected database by the law.


The User undertakes in general not to contravene the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the Service and in particular to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.

9.2.                   Provision of Content in the " Class  " space 


The User agrees to make available on the Application and in particular in the space dedicated to the Class, Content related to the Class, his / her school activities and extra-curricular activities, and its members (pupils and teachers) he is the author or is authorized to publish.


The User agrees not to disseminate Content, regardless of its nature or form:

              infringing the right to the image or the right to privacy;

              to advertise or create advertisements;

              infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties, in particular in relation to copyright or trademark law;

              harming the interests and rights of third parties;

              inciting the consumption of alcohol, tobacco or illicit substances;

              inciting hatred, violence, committing an offense, a crime or an act of terrorism or suicide;


              may be deemed offensive, led ç ant, defamatory, xenophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, pornographic, pe dophile r évisionniste, homophobic, sexist;

              contains any viruses or computer program capable of interrupting, alt ed rer, d elete or limit the functionality of any computer or computer network;

              in violation of the secrecy of correspondence;

              and fa ç is general, any content contrary to law, public order and good Moe sisters.


The User is solely responsible for the comments he makes on the Application and the information, content or comments it publishes.

In order for the Contents to be comprehensible to all, the User agrees not to use abbreviations and SMS language. He commits himself generally to publishing Content of quality, intelligible, coherent and respecting the law, the basic rules of politeness and good morals.


The User has the possibility to withdraw at any time the Contents that it will have diffused in the space "  Class  ".


The Professor may, at his option, as moderator of the Class:

              remove any Content that will be considered contrary to the General Conditions, without notice or justification and without the dice User - published can not assert a claim against him;

              or change the settings of the Class to remove users from publishing licenses that would re ç ues or to withhold authorization for users to comment on publications.


In the hypothesis esis o ù User finds that Content is clearly illegal, such as a Content defamatory, disparaging, racist or prejudicial to privacy e or that a hyperlink - text points to a third-party content which may be considered as such, the User may inform the Teacher or notify Klas s room SAS. by clicking the "Report Abuse" (provided that d ITLE this function will eventually ê be modified pounds), provided for this purpose on the application.


Klassroom SAS., Which performs as a host of the Content, reserves the right to remove all clearly illegal content which has been his signal ed by a user in accordance with the legal provisions in force and planned including LCEN June 21, 2004 .

The responsibility of Klassroom SAS. shall in no case be sought in case of exercise of this option and the User Content that would die - published may not assert a claim to against Klassroom SAS.

The User who makes available Content on the Application guarantees to Klassroom SAS. and to other Users the enjoyment and peaceful exercise of all rights attached thereto.


The User guarantees Klassroom SAS. against any disturbance, action, claim, opposition, claim or eviction from any User or any third party who considers that Content infringes its rights, as well as any damage or liability incurred in the exercise of rights (including attorneys' fees, costs and expenses not included in the costs) of Klassroom SAS. may have to bear due to the Content made available by the User.


9.3.                   Correspondences between Users


Users, Parents, Teachers and Teachers can communicate directly with each other, depending on the Class settings defined by the Teacher, by sending Programmed Messages and Private Chat, if the latter is enabled for the Class.

In the latter case, the Users undertake not to abuse the functionality and to respect article 9.2 . of the above General Conditions, which is fully applicable.

10.                     Liability / Warranty


In general, Klassroom SAS. can not be held liable for any unforeseeable and / or indirect damages suffered by the User, such as, but not limited to, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, loss of income, data, financial or commercial loss, any commercial problems or pre judice reg é riel such that ' a pr éjudice image or injury to r é reputation.


Klassroom SAS. is not able to guarantee to the User that the Application will respond exactly to its expectations or that no error will appear during the use of the Application. Klassroom SAS. does not guarantee the reliability é or accuracy of the information on the application, or the compatibility of the application to specific uses of the User.


Klassroom SAS. shall not be liable for (i) any improper use of the Application by Users or any other third party, or (ii) any Content made available by Users in connection with the use of the Application.


In the hypothesis esis o ù responsibility Klassroom SAS. was being sought by a third party due to a failure by the User to comply with any of the stipulations of the Terms of Use, Klassroom SAS. may call the User as security.

Klassroom SAS. can not be held liable in the event of problems of transmissions or, more generally, any disruption of the telecommunications network and the Internet. It is up to the User to have the necessary skills and means (at the User's expense: internet access, telephone subscription, etc.) to access the different services. In any case, access to the Application is carried out under the sole control of the User and under his sole responsibility.

The responsibility of Klassroom SAS. shall not be liable in the event of loss or damage suffered by the User or any third party as a result of a failure of (i) access to the Application, (ii) the Internet network, (iii) ) of telecommunication facilities and (iv) more generally, of any fact not directly and / or exclusively related to Klassroom SAS. or any event of force majeure, as defined by the jurisprudence of the French courts .


11.                     Access , Modifications and Evolutions of the Application


Klassroom SAS. reserves the right to suspend temporarily access to the Application or to all or part of the services provided by it for reasons beyond its control or technical reasons related in particular to the need to update the services , to modify them, to maintain them, and, in general, for any other technical and organizational reasons, without being liable for such liability. 


Klassroom SAS. reserves the right to make changes and / or improvements and / or changes to its application or to the modalities of access to services, especially from a technical point of view, it being specified that any development may only be in the sense of one, increase the supply.


In addition, Klassroom SAS. reserves the right to terminate, permanently or temporarily, one or more services available on the Application, subject to prior notice when applicable, without any compensation for the User and without its liability being sought as a result.


12.                     Propri been Intellectual 


The application, as well as all the elements composing it (such as logos, trademarks, designs, models, images, sound clips and videos, texts, photos, logos, graphics, software, Klassroom SAS is the exclusive property of Klassroom SAS. or have been the subject of prior authorization for use.


These Terms of Use do not imply any assignment of any kind of intellectual property rights to the assets belonging to Klassroom SAS. for the benefit of Users.

Any total or partial representation of the Application or of any element which composes it by any means whatsoever without the prior written authorization of Klassroom SAS. is prohibited and constitutes a counterfeit ç it under the Code of intellectual property and would be sanctioned as such.


However, Klassroom SAS. conc eden Users entitled to access to the application to non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable and for use in accordance with the conditions defined in these Terms of Use.


The User agrees not to infringe, directly or indirectly, the intellectual property rights of Klassroom SAS. and disclaims any right to use, in any way, the names, trademarks, logos, software, information, databases and all documents communicated to it in general implementation of these Terms of Use.


13.                     Protection of personal data

The access and use of the Application requires the collection and processing of personal data concerning the User or the student of which he is the Parent.

This personal data is collected when an Account is created, when accessing a Class or more generally, when using the Application.

The personal data collected in this way are processed by Klassroom SAS, as the controller. They will be used only to enable the identification of the Users and to provide the services and allow a personalized and optimal use of the Application.


Klassroom SAS. is the only recipient of the data collected.


Klassroom SAS. shall transfer the personal data of Users outside the European Union. In this case, Klassroom SAS. agrees to report to the users and that the transfer is made to a country recognized as providing an adequate level of protection, such as Canada o ù fall servers to host the given art.

Log-in data relating to the Account is further collected by the Application. These data are only for internal use. Under no circumstances will such data be transferred or sold to third parties.


In accordance with the law of 6 January 1978 as amended by the law of 6 August 2004, known as the "Data Protection Act", every User has the right to information, opposition, access and rectification of information concerning him. Any User who wishes to exercise this right and obtain communication of the information concerning him should write to Klassroom SAS, 10 rue de Penthievre 75008 Paris.

14.                     Duration / Termination

The use of the User Account and the associated features is valid for an indefinite period until terminated by either party.

The User or Administration may cease to use the Account and request its deletion, at the end of each school year or during the year, for the User Parent, subject in this case, to inform in advance the teacher.

In addition, Klassroom SAS. r is eserved the right to terminate the account of the user as of right, without notice, without legal formality and without compensation, in case of failure by the User to one of its essential obligations under these Conditions without the responsibility of being able to be sought for this fact.

In the event of termination of the Account, the Content made available by the User will no longer be available on the Application.

15.                     Miscellaneous

15.1.             Changes to Terms of Use

Klassroom SAS. reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms of Use subject to informing the Users by any means available on the Application. These changes and evolutions come into force on the date of their posting and are opposable to the date of the first use of the Application by the User.

In the event ù User continue to use the application after notification of the change of the Terms of Use, it will be deemed to have read, understood and agree to the new Terms of uses and there will be fully subject.

15.2.             Notification

The user who wishes to notify a change Numé ro t elephone, ask a question or make claims on his User Account, a technical problem or any information deemed an useful with regard to the Application is invited to send an e-mail to  support@klassroom.com .

15.3.             Nullity


Should any of the provisions of the Terms of Use be void in the light of any applicable law or judicial decision, it shall be deemed to be unwritten without invalidating contract or affect the validity of its other provisions.


15.4.             Applicable law


The Terms of Use are governed by French law .

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