We’re committed to protecting your data.

Klassroom respects the personal data of all users, we are in compliance with the GDPR and FERPA regulations as well as the requirements of the french ministry of education.



No unauthorized visitors in your classroom

Thanks to our 2-step verification process, Klassroom ensures that no unauthorized users will be able to access your classroom. 1. parents must enter the class key to request access. 2. the teacher accepts the request after verifying that the user is in fact a parent.


Ethical business model.

A model that benefits everyone

Thanks to our PRIME offer, Klassroom does not need to monetize its user data. Teachers can chose to use Klassroom for free or subscribe to PRIME for the whole class.



Communicate safely

All data transmissions are encrypted. All files are protected. You can communicate with parents securely.



Klassroom is compliant

Klassroom is fully GDPR and FERPA compliant


9 reasons to trust us.

  1. Transparency

    Klassroom allows you to know the reason for the collection of different data concerning you, to understand the treatment that will be made of this data and to ensure control of this data by facilitatingthe exercise of your rights.

  2. Data hosting in France

    Klassroom is committed to hosting your data: our servers are located in France, with subcontractors who respect the GDPR and who ensure a very high level of security and protection of your data.

  3. Finality

    Klassroom undertakes that the data collected will never be shared, transferred, transmitted (except at the request of the judicial authorities) or sold. Klassroom collects this data exclusively for the proper functioning of the application and to allow you efficient communication between parents and the school.

  4. Exactitude

    Klassroom undertakes, for the proper functioning of the service for all users, to erase or rectify any inaccurate data without delay.

  5. Right of access, rectification and final deletion

    Klassroom is committed to allowing you easy access to your data, and to taking into account any request for modification as soon as possible. Klassroom allows you to exercise your right to be forgotten very simply, by deleting all your data from your account settings.

  6. Professional Ethics

    Klassroom is committed to an irreproachable professional ethics within the framework of the assumption of responsibility of your requests which would require that we consult your personal data or the data of the class.

  7. Data retention

    Klassroom undertakes not to keep your data for longer than is necessary for the proper functioning of the service.

  8. Portability

    Klassroom agrees to export your data to transmit it to a third party if you wish.

  9. Integrity and Confidentiality

    Klassroom undertakes to guarantee appropriate security of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using technical or organizational measures appropriate.


Security made in France!


About infrastructure

  • Admin access protected by SSH certificates (authentication much more secure than by conventional certificates)
  • Protection of servers by a firewall and against DDOS protection attacks (computer attack intended to make a service unavailable, to prevent legitimate users of a service from using it)
  • Exchanges between servers by VLAN (private network)
  • Databases isolated from the web in order to avoid any risk of leakage
  • Regular updates of our software components to guarantee optimal security
  • Monitoring of data servers and logging of all events on our servers

About application

  • Access to the resources of the éapplication is subject to strict and thorough control
  • Access to the application is protected by an input filter against XSS attacks and against SQL injections (very common attack methods)
  • Automated deployment of updates and new features, in particular via the Apple Store or the Google Play Store
  • Full encryption of all information exchanged between our servers and the user via the TLS security protocol
  • Securing passwords by encryption algorithm (Bcrypt)
  • Using tokens to protect against XSRF attacks

About procedures

  • In order to guarantee access to the application, redundancy of the machines and data is in place
  • Daily backups of the entire database are performed automatically
  • Our teams train regularly to intervene in the event of an urgent problem on the application
  • Our service providers are chosen according to their level of competence, reliability and guarantee
  • Klassroom members have been made aware of data security and have limited access to the principle of least privilege, which means restricting the access rights of a specific user in the company, so that he has access only to the rights that are necessary for him to do his work